Sunday 25 November 2012

The Paua and the Glory.

Actually, it's a giant mussel not a paua, or it could be a bumpy pipi. Regardless, here's some progress pics. The messier the easier with the left hand, so this has spray paint, shellac, wood gel, acrylic, and oil paint...

Thursday 4 October 2012


More left handed stuff, in progress (left things take time)

Thursday 20 September 2012

Boston Terrierist

An attempt at designing a Boston Terrier with my left hand. It takes a lot longer, but because I have less control it looks to me like someone else's work, which seems to make drawing fun again.

Sunday 16 September 2012

Under Wraps

Some doodling my left hand did while waiting overnight for surgery.


A while back, I thought it would be neat to start a left hand blog and teach myself to be ambidextrous. I did one prophetic doodle on some ALF note paper, then forgot about it.

Two weeks ago, I sliced a tendon in my drawing-hand pinky while trying to stop a coffee plunger from smashing (it smashed). I sheepishly asked Rosie to hop back out of the bath she'd just melted into after a tiring day of being six months pregnant, and we (she) drove to the Horsepiddle to get a couple of stitches. Three days later I was heading home again after surgery with 14 stitches and a cast up to my elbow.

So, with my hand being out of service for at least 8 weeks (baby's due in 10), I've begun left hand training again out of necessity.

Below is my first ever lefty painting, still in progress. I went huge (it's a door) to make it easier while I get a handle on my jitters. I'll update this blog as I progress. The goal is to illustrate a bunch of merchandise for summer sales in dittybox gallery, and have a left hand show.

Oil, Acrylic, Wood Gel and Spray Paint on a door.